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They are in love...

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For all the lovers of Guilty Gear, doujinshi, and fan fics. you're quite welcome here. Even if you dont like the BridgetxKy pairing, if you like fan fics and doujinshi (dealing with GG) then join. just follow simple rules

1. if you must post a picture, put it under LJ-cut. If you must post an R or NC-17 picture, put that under a cut with a warning. And yes you can post fan-fiction. The fan-fics CAN be ANY rating. They're just words. It's not like posting porn...

2. please, no flaming. if you don't like something that's fine. just don't say anything like "that F'n sucks! go jump off a cliff cuz you suck"

3. try and keep it guilty gear related. I can go off a bit, that's fine. Ya know...I really don't care, talk about whatever. GGXX is a BIIIIIG plus though. Cuz we love it!!!

4. you must love GG? That works


Heaven or Hell, your vote, let's rock!