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people who still pay attention to this comm [01 Nov 2008|12:58am]

Bridget and Ky art. Not all work safe.Collapse )

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Hello everyone! Mod here. [16 Jun 2008|08:50pm]

I am happy to see that people are still posting here. Or at least they sorta are. If only this was as popular as Burichan used to be. If only that forum still existed.

Anyway, here's my update.Collapse )

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Newbie with a fic [14 Mar 2007|03:34pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

found this out of nowhere; (I was on a BurixKy spree,) and decided to share my obsession with BridgetxKy by posting links to fics I made:



It's actually an on-going series; the first part is Bridgetxky all the way, but later on other pairings make appearances like:


all the pairings will be in future chapters and there will be much more Bridgetxky goodness besides two parts x.x; Each story pairing IS a lemon :p

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Ky X Bridget Smut [29 Jun 2006|09:29am]

New member here with a smut-tastic fanfic offering.

Warning: This is hardcore Ky X Bridget! The fic includes a bath scene, rough anal, rimming, and mild Dom/sub and humiliation play. (all consentual) Definitely PWP--no plot to be found here.

Remember, to read is human to leave comments is divine! *bows and exits*


( Click to read "Winner Take All"... )

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Art [12 May 2006|07:01pm]

Read more...Collapse )

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hello [21 Feb 2006|11:59am]

[ mood | amused ]

Oh this is so cool, a KyxBridget fanclub XD! Ever since I read this fanfiction by my friend Melakenzu on fanfiction.net called literally falling in love about these two, i've been awstroke by all the possibilities. I have a few pictures that I have done on these two, but unfortunatly I dont know how to do that lj cut thingy? cause these school computers are loaded with filters in crap, but if anyones intrestd in looking any ways, here are the links




There both pg, so nothing hardcore or anything, just cuteness warning :3

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[29 Dec 2005|02:56am]





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Some BridgetxKy action... [08 Nov 2005|09:26am]

It's totally worksafe...klick it and enjoy ;-P


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because I'm lazy [29 Oct 2005|09:43am]

I drew Bridget and Ky art a while ago. And I was just too lazy to post them. And I'm too lazy to upload them to photobucket. So um, I'll just give links. The pictures are either bridget with ky or just bridget. They're all work safe

Bridget, Ky, and another ky

Bridget lolita like

Bridget kitty

Bridget hurt

Bridget and ky

and I think thats all the new ones.

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we're not dead! [02 Aug 2005|01:00pm]

Looky I drew some pictures!
Read more...Collapse )

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oh come now [14 Jul 2005|05:04pm]

I can't be the ONLY one still active in this community!

err....here's a site with Bridget everywhere....
I warn you though...some of the pictures may and probably are a bit over NC-17 XD. Crazy site. But there are some REALLY cute ones that aren't nude and all that good jazz.

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woot [09 Jul 2005|06:43pm]

I drew a couple new pictures of Bridget and Ky and as soon as I get them scanned, you guys will be the first to see!

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hello guys [15 Jun 2005|11:19am]

[ mood | awake ]

I found a few more niffy pictures and I guess I'll be making a few new CGs soon!

We need more members...*cry*

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[14 Jun 2005|10:02pm]


*waves meekly, coos.* Hello n.n~ I've been a quiet community stalker for about a month now [I think?] and I find it time to, ahn, expose you to my work as a Ky/Bridget fan and also a Sol/Ky fan, since apparently that's accepted here as well =3 All the pictures are rated G.

follow the yellow brick roadCollapse )

I plan on getting in other sorts of Bridget and Ky-based media, most significant shall probably be icons. *nods to this.* But alas, I want to get a few more doodles in of the two together, so expect in the future n.n

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New random CG [21 May 2005|10:18pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I made a Cg of Bridget and Ky.I was booooooored. And stuff. Meh. So..yeah...here you go.

Bridget and KyCollapse )

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[17 May 2005|04:32pm]

[ mood | content ]

this is an adorable picture! it's work friendly but i'm just cutting it for bandwith purposes.

let them have their piece. something exciting might happen.Collapse )

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Welcome! [17 May 2005|03:50pm]

I'm welcoming the two newest members makeru and angelicmix!

Thanks for Joining!!

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Fanfic [17 May 2005|03:27pm]

Ya know...you'd probably have to read the Chipp and Jam fic to understand what Chipp and Jam were talking about...but...whatever!
The Opera Affair 2Collapse )

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update [16 May 2005|08:27pm]

changed the background of the community

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Yay! [14 May 2005|10:29pm]

[ mood | creative ]

A banner! Finally! Yay! Thank Lysty (Lystrade) for helping me! WOOOOOOT! Now post it places and get us more members!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

you might want to add that it's name IS BridgetxKy somewhere in the post though XD..oops...

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